MP4 Repair Tool

Have you ever come across the problems mentioned below with MP4 Files?
  • Unable to play MP4.
  • File stops suddenly while playing.
  • MP4 files fails to respond.
  • Unable to transfer MP4 files to any other device.
  • Recording video file when device is indicating low battery.
  • Pressing restore button photos get lost.
  • Memory card formatted accidently.
  • MP4 files get infected by virus.
  • Pulling out the memory card immediately when video is recorded.

Well, if your answer is “YES” and you are unable to play your MP4 videos, then it is quite sure that your video files is either damaged or corrupted. In order to recover or restore the damaged or corrupted files, you need MP4 repair tool software which will help you to restore all the corrupted files easily.

repair corrupt MP4 file

About MP4 File

MP4 is abbreviated name for Mpeg-4 Part 14 or MPEG -4 AVC (Advance Video Coding) is digital multimedia format commonly used for storing audio and video. It can store data such as still images and subtitles. It also allows streaming as modern container over internet. Mp4 is known to be protected format employing DRM technology to restrict copying. MP4 video files are the files which are supported on MOV video file format urbanized and accepted by Apple Inc. This video file format is normally larger in dimension and contains both video and audio codec’s, though it is dissimilar in aspect to other format along with video and audio stream data files like – subtitles and still image which can also be stored in MP4 format. At the present time, number of devices like – mobile phones, PSP, Camera, iPod uses MP4 format for storing digital audio and video files.

How MP4 File Corrupts - Reasons Behind the Issue!

MP4 files gets corrupted or damaged by several reasons and if you are facing the corruption of videos then you need to use the software which will fix all the issues regarding MP4 videos. The numerous issues are mentioned below:

  • Camcorder or device error while recording videos.
  • Recording video when the storage media i.e. Memory card is Full.
  • Interruption while moving MP4 files from one storage drive to another.
  • CRC errors or interruption during MP4 video file download.
  • Changing the video file format from one to another format that results in corrupting or damaging MP4 videos.
  • Virus contagion or bad sectors on the storage drive containing MP4 videos.
  • MP4 header files corruption due to unknown virus.

How to Repair Corrupt/Damaged MP4 File?

If MP4 file is corrupted then you can recover or restore the data of file by repairing MP4 files. You need to use MP4 Repair Tool to fix the issues related to MP4. This Repair Tool is the software which repairs the damaged/corrupted/broken MP4 files which is unable to play by other application or by Quick Time used to run multimedia files. The software supports repair of MP4 files generated on various devices such as digital cameras and camcorders of various brands such as Samsung, Sanyo, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm etc along with iPhone. It also provides work when you incorrectly copied files from another storage device or when downloaded incompletely from the internet. Thus, this software effectively recovers your corrupted or inaccessible mp4 files without any data loss. The repair technique used by this software is better and unique when compared to any other repair tool which is available today online. So, just download this Repair Tool in order to get back your corrupted or damaged mp4 data completely and easily.

Feature of MP4 Repair Software:

  • Repair the entire MOV files that get abruptly or truncated finalized by the camcorder due to its fault firmware.
  • It even supports MP4, MOV video files which are having a larger size.
  • Completely automated repair procedure, which separates audio and video data streams and afterward adjoins them to generate a pertinent playable video file.
  • Repair high-definition video clips.
  • Repairs severally damaged and corrupted GoPro Mp4 videos.
  • You can also preview the repaired file before saving them and it will help you in evaluating the trial version before buying the software.